19 definitions by Dirk Diggler

The gravity defying act of a fupa or guntgoing North of the waistline.
Her nofup is spreading so far into the north, where does the fup end and the chest begin?
by Dirk Diggler February 03, 2003
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When you save all the ejaculant in jars, such as mason jars, then dating and saving them somewhere for a period of above 2 years where it might be used in the future...
jimmys convinced that he is too important and feels the need to self preserve himself...
by Dirk Diggler March 12, 2005
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When someone dedicates all of their energy to one particular task for a limited period of time.

Originated at a greenhouse in mid-Michigan.
We need to get this done fast. Go Jihad.
by Dirk Diggler August 22, 2004
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