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Grinch (grɪntʃ): noun

The Jewish equivalent of the N word
Man, that grinch always ruins bacon for me.
by Diriector_Doc March 31, 2017
A stunt on a bike where you front flip and then grab on a edge with your back tire
Jordan: "I hate vertical walls, good thing I have my steezy way"
by Diriector_Doc September 4, 2016
The action of rolling hot food in your mouth until it is cool enough to chew.

Etymology: Derived from the sound one makes while performing this action.
Russell: Do y'all blow on your food when it's hot or do you hashafashasha til you can chew it?

Vibalent: I blow on it but underestimate how hot it is and hashafashasha away
by Diriector_Doc November 18, 2019

Verb: To induce (one) with nostalgia
My new computer has a different background, better nostalgeate myself with the bliss background!
by Diriector_Doc November 27, 2016
fraym PER-fikt
ˈfreɪm ˈpəʳˌfᵻkt

Executing an input (of buttons into a game) at a very precise moment usual to perform a speed-run strategy or glitch.
In order to get pas the NSMBU "Don't Touch Anything" level, you must perform frame-perfect jumps to get past the edge coins.
by Diriector_Doc April 18, 2017
Something very vibrant and colourful, but nevertheless, is still puke.
These colours don't mix at all. It looks like unicorn puke.
by Diriector_Doc February 18, 2022