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The greatest motherfucker to ever live. He was the creator of all our childhood heros and the teams they belonged to. Rest in peace my nibba
"Did you hear about Infinity War 2?"
"No because Stan Lee just fucking died and now the movie's gunna be garbo w/o the cut scenes."
by Dijontrump5678 November 12, 2018

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some dumb bitch slang term used to END someone/a thought or sentece
girl 1- Youre fat.
girl 2- Shut yo dumb dumb bubblegum lookin ass the fuck up. PERIODTT
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by Dijontrump5678 June 01, 2019

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A fictional Starbucks drink... usually the blue Gatorade poured into a Starbucks cup... used too fool others and to embarrass the HELL out of your friends when they order...
“What drink is that?”
It’s ok the secret menu. It’s called the frappajappajooza.”
by Dijontrump5678 February 24, 2018

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1. A delicious , light snack that comes in various flavors
2. A white person
1. “These crackers go great with red wine.”
2. “ Sarah is such a cracker.”
by Dijontrump5678 October 29, 2017

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When people, normally guys, say chill.
“Yo chelll broo”
by Dijontrump5678 October 29, 2017

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