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Having an arm like a bee's wing is a euphemism for a man masturbating furiously, his arm moving so fast it becomes a semi-transparent blur
The Great Masturbator: Aw man I was watching Married With Children last night and Kelly Bundy was looking so hot I had an arm like a bee's wing!!!
Masturbator's Sidekick: Awesome! Have you managed to reach buzzing frequency yet?
The Great Masturbator: Jesus, if it was possible I think I'd have done it! Hell I might even take off one of these days!!
by Dick K Redcar July 01, 2010

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A derogatory term for an administrative assistant. An office drone
Lamenting henchgoon: “Jesus Christ, I never thought I’d end up being a henchgoon for a living!”
by Dick K Redcar January 19, 2010

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Is the healthy state of disgust towards the bullshit and bureaucracy of the office that will save a henchgoon from spending the rest of his/her life crammed into a veal-fattening pen, repeating the same mindless and never-ending routine ad infinitum. When office repulsion gives way to comfort zone laziness: GAME OVER!
Veteran henchgoon: “Could you do something I ask you just once with a smile on your face??”

Newbie temp-henchgoon: “No can do! I need to keep my office repulsion up or I’ll turn into a sad bastard like you and I’ll still be here in twenty years, grinning stupidly and deluding myself into thinking everything is just terrific!”
by Dick K Redcar January 20, 2010

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The gap between a woman’s inner thighs that can be seen when short skirts or skin-tight leggings are worn. Is essentially non-existent in some women but is a real turn on for some blokes when especially prominent
“Wow, check out the energy gap on that hottie!”
by Dick K Redcar January 15, 2010

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