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1)An oxymoronic term in the fact that punk is the essence of individuality and seperation from society, whereas pop is the celebration of society's standards of fashion and higherarchy.
2)A term often applied to alternative or "bubble gum" rock bands that play repetitive riffs and wear items like studded belts and wristbands.
The Starting Line, Story of the Year, Ocean Avenue, Lost Prophets
by Deryck June 08, 2004

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A streetgang from the hoods of Nac-town (Nacogdoches, TX) made infamous for their "pimpin grooves" and mottos like "die pimpin."
Yo dawg, check out 'dos poopside homies, they be flashing thurr colorz!
by Deryck June 08, 2004

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A hand gesture meaning something similar to "What's up?"--performed by fully extending the right hand, turning the palm towards the face, and shaking the hand up and down, as if you were trying to get somebody's (who has spaced out) attention.
"Ey boy, don't be gon givin' me no right hand shuffle like you mie homeboy uh sumthin!"
"Aww dawg ain't you dun be remembrin me frum dah club last night?"
by Deryck December 24, 2004

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A multidefinitive and inherently self-contradicting word.
1) Unusual but interesting therefore.
2) Broken, rundown, or out of order
3) Hip or trendy
Ryan: "Ey dawg I hurrd AC/DC be playin' tonight at the club!"
Deryck: "Aw mayn dat's ghettofunk!!"
by Deryck June 08, 2004

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