13 definitions by Derrick

Great running back that plays for the San Diego Chargers
LaDainian Tomlinson is the best RB I have ever seen.
by Derrick January 26, 2005
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When someone comes in your face talkin shit that you dont wanna hear.
by Derrick March 11, 2005
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a person who rolls tha streets talken shit and looken for trouble but if they got in a real fite they would get there ass kicked cuz they aint nuthen but a bitch
street bitch:hey fag
thug:what u say street bitch
street bitch:(runs)
by Derrick November 7, 2004
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a male with the ablity to utilize his penis in ways unknown to the average male.
after using his magic stick she went into a deep coma
by Derrick July 31, 2003
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When inserted into a generic sentence, this is guaranteed to add a hearty portion of sexual innuendo.
1. Nerd: "Stop, you guys!"
Jock: "That's not what your mom said last night!"

2. Repairman: "The TV needs to be turned on first."
You: "I think your mom needs to be turned on first."
by Derrick March 4, 2005
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