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Synonym for anal intercourse.
Claudette wasn't into taking the pill or using condoms, so she opted for European Birth Control... w00t!
by Dentura Hogfloss June 24, 2008
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The tendency for blackberry users to aimlessly shuffle about while typing. This combination of typing and attempted walking usually results in aggrevating everyone around them.
Will was near my desk today doing the crackberry shuffle.
by Dentura Hogfloss January 30, 2008
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A condition that many females who attend Burning Man come back home with. Not associated with the alkalai dust of the playa or dehydration, this STD is associated with the lack of good judgment rampant at the annual event.
Violet Blue's article at SFGate.com on the popularity of STD clinics in San Francisco the week after Burning Man is further evidence of the Burning Clam theory.
by Dentura Hogfloss November 21, 2007
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A nick name for "Facebook" derived from users reconnecting with each other after years of no communication and seeing that each other has gained substantial weight.
"One of my high school ex gfs found me on fatbook last night. Man... she's twice the woman she used to be!"
by Dentura Hogfloss April 07, 2009
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The tendency for Latin American pedestrians to wait for the crosswalk to go green, then proceed to cross the wrong street against the other crosswalk.
I just saw Paco down on Mission Street and almost ran over his ass because he has dysmexia really bad.
by Dentura Hogfloss August 15, 2008
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A combination of the feelings of the jitters and the willies.
My friend's wedding invitation had a photo of the couple naked in bed in it, which have me a serious case of the jilters.

My blind date was going just fine until the gal told me she had met her last boyfriend at Burningman... that gave me a bad case of the jilters.
by Dentura Hogfloss August 05, 2008
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Detritus left on one's clothing from white cloth napkins.
The meal was incredible and the service was great, but when we left the restaurant I realized I was covered in napkin dandruff. I wish restaurants would use black cloth napkins!
by Dentura Hogfloss February 11, 2012
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