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Someone oh so attractive and perfect in an adorable and endearing way~
P1:Sebastian is the cutest person in existence, and that’s a fact.

P2:He is!! Like, look at him~ What a cutie
by DelissaStan March 23, 2020

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A person that is absolutely and unconditionally enamoured and whipped for another. A.k.a. mushy, sappy, etc.
Person 1: Lmao you’re so soft for Derek
Person 2: wtf no, I’m not soft for... *smol* Derek
Person 1: Ummm yes you are, you can’t stop talking about and longing for him

Person 2: No I’m not!! I’m just *aha* shyy~

Person 3: LMAO I can’t believe you just did that! You’re soooooo soft~ for him.

Person 1: TOLD YOU
Person 2: *high pitch voice giving away her softness* >:( noooo!!
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by DelissaStan March 11, 2020

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