975 definitions by Deep blue 2012

1. to have sex with a blackette or a woman with black hair.
2. A blackette or woman with black hair.
1. I got a blackette ride for tonight.
2. Look at that hot blackette ride.
by Deep blue 2012 October 27, 2009
Where a wedding is raided by a gang,biker gang,gang bangers ect. who take the bride,brider's maid ect. away with them usually by force.
Let's have a wedding raid.
by Deep blue 2012 February 27, 2010
The penis. Because it often makes men act like fools.
you want to see my goober?
by Deep blue 2012 August 6, 2009
1. sex with a brownette or in other words a woman with brown hair.
2. a woman with brown hair.
1. John's got a brownette ride for tonight.
2. Kathy is such a hot brownette ride.
by Deep blue 2012 October 20, 2009
Not ho' but hole.A woman who is so easy that it is just like walking up to a hole and sticking your pecker in it.

Also a nick name given to a certain woman because she is that easy.

A guy who survives in prison by giving everyone ass sex.
Kathy is such a hole.

I get a date with the hole tonight.

John had to become a hole in prison.
by Deep blue 2012 May 26, 2010
Where a bunch of guys jackoff at the same time. Most often in a guys locker room just before or just after they take a shower while there still naked. Sometimes called a jackoff fest.
Where you in that jackoff party?
by Deep blue 2012 April 5, 2010
Where a group of people get together and agree to exchange partners with each other on a regular basis.
by Deep blue 2012 September 26, 2009