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(1) A great man who painted "Happy Trees" and made the world believe anyone could paint. (2)Something that is made to look easy, but once attempted, is very difficult to do.
I tried this new cake recipe I found online and it was a total Bob Ross. It looked easy to make, but from the pile of goop in my oven, it's more complicated than I thought!
by DeWinter June 11, 2007

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(1) A purse containing everything but the kitchen sink!
(2) A purse that one must pull out the strangest items in order to get to what they're looking for.
(3) A purse that is tiny, but apprears to hold huge amount of items in it.
(4) A purse one must dump out the entire contents of to get one small item out.
I got stuck behind a woman with a Mary Poppins Purse at the supermarket. This crazy lady had to take out everything in her purse just to get to her wallet. She had playing cards, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, dental floss, 3 bottles of pills, and whole lot of other junk just dumped on the counter. It was a small purse, too. I can't believe it holds all that stuff!
by DeWinter June 11, 2007

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Noun: A form of good luck given to those who win tickets (concert, movie, etc...) from a contest or sweepstakes. Often times used as a polite form of "Na-ne-na-na boo-boo, I got free stuff and you didn't!", it can also be used as a sincere way of expressing the joy of winning.

Whether these individuals deserve this good karma is not always relevant, but those undeserving folks who use this term can always pretend their good deeds were the source of their good fortune! (;
I was the 9th caller at the radio station and The Good Karma Ticket Fairy blessed me with 4 free tickets to see the new Harry Potter Movie! Who's jealous??? Maybe I won because I helped that little old lady across the street last week...? Hmmm...
by DeWinter June 11, 2007

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