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a person who is completely practical about their belief in God and religion instead of blindly idealistic or dogmatic. Often used to confuse overzealous fundamentalists attempting to pigeonhole someone's beliefs.
Q:Do you believe in God?
A: I'm assuming you mean do I believe in YOUR God, which isn't a fair question at all. I'm pretty sure there is something bigger than myself, but I'm not an atheist or an agnostic which are labels you will use to judge me negatively. So to make you leave me alone I'll just tell you that I'm a pragnostic.
by dawax January 23, 2011

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The act or habit of using the internet as a primary means of influencing public opinion on matters of politics, religion or other social concerns. Methods may include websites, online petitions and mass email campaigns.
Ex: More than ever young people are engaged in clicktivism as a convenient and sometimes powerful way to change public policy.
by Dawax July 06, 2009

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a destination, event or activity that is specifically targeted for, or is especially appealing to, old people.
Ex#1: Sarah's parents invited us on their annual graycation to Branson.

Ex#2: We thought it would be fun to hang out with Frank and Tanya but all they wanted to do was go antiquing and it turned into a total graycation.
by Dawax July 06, 2009

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deriving pleasure from overeating at a buffet.
I'm so broke the only fun I can get is a traycation.
by Dawax July 06, 2009

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