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these are the dumbest and most obnxious of the nation, you will either find them to be 12 yr old kids who feel the need to threaten you, or old men who took part in the revolutionary war.
'i can cheat cos my uncle wrks for bungie'
'you bloody wanka' all of the impressions of a british person must be sed in an australian accent. as americans cnt do impressions, apart from impressions of a silly fat person who lives in a basement

by David Alderson April 22, 2005

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this is when you need to get somewhere very quickly or get away from somewhere very quickly.
ive got the flag boys im doin a linford
by David Alderson April 21, 2005

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this is a person who is acting like an idiot, maybe they are being a pain in the arse. this is never a compliment and should only be used as a last resort in an arguement
floz dont be such a glass back fanny and do as i say
by David Alderson July 10, 2005

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instead of using the word nooby or newbie, this is a term that is used by a select few, not as an insult but as an affectionate joke.
floz don't be such a choob
by david alderson April 16, 2005

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this is a short phrase that doesnt really have much of a meaning. it is used when something has happened to someone that they may not like. e.g. stepping in dog poo
you kill an american on halo 2 and cry 'DO YOU LIKE BASS' and therefore you rule
by David Alderson April 21, 2005

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said originally by lan partridge, this means to be very good
'how are you today alan'
'classic queen'
by David Alderson April 22, 2005

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an insult which refers to its receiver as being stupid and also acting like a homosexual.
aiden martin you are such a bombaclaud
by david alderson April 20, 2005

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