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Nerfs are grumpy, antlered herbivores, resembling yaks, raised on many planets, including Alderaan, Gestron and Corellia, for their milk and meat. Herders of the beasts are well known for being as scruffy looking and surly as their livestock, and to be called a "nerf herder" (as Han Solo is by Princess Leia) is considered a strong insult.

"Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!"

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A lower class outdoorsman who spends his days safeguarding the nerfs on various planets across the universe.

They can best be compared to the American cowboy or shepherds of old in their steadfast pursuit of an independent lifestyle. They generally wear old, worn out work clothes and carry simple projectile weapons as well as staves they use to drive obstinate nerfs out of their hiding places. Due to their significant skills in fieldcraft and gunplay, as well as not having the resources to bathe and change their clothes often, the rest of the "civilized" universe looks down upon them.
"Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!"

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Someone who sucks at life.
"God, that kid sucks at life. What a gayford."

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Slang term for McDonald's.
"I'm hungry; Let's hit up the Mack Shack."

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Slang for McDonald's.
"I'm hungry as shit, man. Let's go to Micky Dick's."

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1. Someone whose Straight Edge isn't genuine; They just do it 'cause their friends claim.
2. Someone who's a complete douchebag and claims Straight Edge; yet by claiming Edge, they make Straight Edge look bad.

3. A Straight Edge homosexual.
"Buddy Wolfe's not Straight Edge, he's Gay Edge!"

"Look a those dorks X'ing up at the bowling ally. What a bunch of Gay Edge nerds."

"That hardcore band Limp Wrist consists of Gay Edge dudes."

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