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When you "pull a Benedict Arnold", you sell out your side and join the stronger side of a situation out of fear, not honor.

Originated from the American general during the Revolutionary War whom switched to the British side of the war after being past over by congress for a promotion.
"I seen that mother fucker hanging out with those dudes that jumped me; Pulling a Benedict Arnold."

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A robotic black person.
"Hey, Futurama's on! Kwanza Bot's a negron."

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Fellatio. A blowjob. Suck off.
"I'm hard as a diamond; I need a slurp off."

"That girls gonna slurp me off."

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1. Fuck someone.

2. Kick someones ass.
"That girl is fine. I'm a bust that hole."

"Fuck those mother fuckers. I'm gonna bust their holes."

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The homosexual iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of the blood in vertebrates and other animals.

The same thing as a hemoglobin, except gay.
"Dude, his red blood cells are so gay; I bet they contain homoglobin."

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Addicted to penis.

Can't be verbally differed from "addict"; however when written there's an obvious difference.
"What a whore! She's a addickt."

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Coke dealer. "White bitch" being Cocaine.
"Look at that negro out on his musty stoop, with a Lexus. You know he's a white bitch pimp.

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