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27 definitions by David P. <>

Slang term for "testicles".

Misunderstood from "testiclides".
"AH! She kicked me in the testiclads!"
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Slang term for "testicles".

Originally coined by faux Arabian rock/rap act Group X in their song "Idioth".
From 'Idioth': (In Middle-Eastern accent) Because, when I haive a saime problem, weef a laidie, she goes to towch the testiclides, and it maikes a sounde laike thais."
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To make fun of someone really, really bad.
"Damn, look at those white trash beauties."
"Oh shit, it's CapFest 2008!"
"I'm gonna make fun of the fuck out of them bitches."
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Eight weiners in or around one girl (or guy).
"Dude, check out this crazy porno. That girl's got two in the coo, four in the back door, and a man in each hand. She's a genuine coctopus."
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The act of imitating a drummer, usually as to tap one's fingers on a table or dashboard, sometimes to tap your foot (usually for the bass drum effect), in sync to a song playing.
"Would you stop drummering to Pantera; it's getting annoying."


"Do you know who plays drums for Slayer?"
"Yeah, Dave Lombardo. Why?"
"Well, let's keep it that way. Stop drummering. Douche."
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