8 definitions by David Kaiser

By musical orgasm I mean an experience in which one is moved by music to a level of consciousness which is characterized by feelings of ecstasy, omniscience, immortality, and sublime understanding. It does not, however, refer to a sexual thrill, nor is it characterized by emission of seminal fluid.
Some of his works bring me to musical orgasm.
by David Kaiser May 20, 2003
A combination of the words "bitch" and "cunt"; the definitions of those two words put together.
Jessica's such a bitchcunt!
by David Kaiser April 28, 2003
KKK stands for Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a group of white, Christian supremists. Up until the late 60s the KKK was responsible for harassment and attacks against people of color or non-Christian religion. Members can be easily identified by the white robes they wear and a tall white mask, which looks like a ghost.
Mick hates blacks because his parents are in the KKK, he don't know better.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003
When Asians type with alternating capital and lower case letters
tO mAkE oUrSeLvEs EvEn MoRe IdEnTiFiAbLe LeTs TyPe LiKe ThIS.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003
To jizz on
After that handjob he balled her in the face.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003
A shortened term for the STD chlamydia; goes hand in hand with the term crabs.
That bitch is a walking STD with all them crabs and clams on her puss.
by David Kaiser April 21, 2003
A person who is part hispanic/part asian, a play off the words "spic" and "chink"; sometimes used against Filipinos.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003