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Yet another term for sex.

This is generally said by people who are afraid of saying the 's' word as they have spent the first four decades of their pitiful lives stuck to their mothers nips.
Ted: "Did you see that new adult site?"
Phil: "Yeah, I got some great rumpy bumpy viedos of it."
by Dave Esquire February 22, 2006
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Cabbaging is the act of having sex with a friends entire family at the same time, obviously the friends family are sick and enjoy incest anyway otherwise how else would YOU know them. Cabbaging also involves family pets, deceased family members and very often household furniture.

Breaking laws on incest, necrophilia and the Ikea 12 month guarantee, Cabbaging is popular in many parts of the world. Mostly Germany.
Joe: "Hey Scott guess what I did last night?"
Scott: "Cabbaged my family?"
Joe: "You were there? Oh yeah, you were between the goldfish and your father."
Scott: "I love cabbaging"
by Dave Esquire January 11, 2006
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