4 definitions by Dasspam

The act of being able to speak with the hot chick, if only for a fleeting moment, before her lame, fat, nasty friends that she came with realize you are there and launch a counter attack in order to get rid of you.
We wished Chris luck as he tried his hand at penetrating the circle. He stood in the shadows for some time, and just as 3 of the fat, nasty whore friends of the hot blonde broke off to swap clothes or change their tampons in the bathroom, he struck. He was able to have a conversation with the gorgeous woman for just under 30 seconds before another fat whore friend of hers, who was returning from the bar, saw what was happening and drug her away.
by Dasspam November 8, 2009
What a person, regardless of age, throws when their internet connection goes down at a crucial point in the online game they were playing
(a) Robert threw a screaming pissy bitch fit because his internet connection was lost while in the middle of combat with another player

(b) Fred threw a HUGE screaming pissy bitch fit after loosing several million gold pieces when his character died due to his internet connection being lost
by Dasspam November 8, 2009
To obtain 100 skill points in any given skill in the world of Ultima Online.
Bob managed to 7x Grand Master (GM) his newest character in less than a week. As he didn't leave his computer for days on end he had to poopsock numerous times.
by Dasspam November 8, 2009
When your bowel movements are both painful and 100% liquid, you are suffering from squirty bottoms. Also known as 'cappuccino ass' as your ass will hiss and froth during the movement.
(a) Every time I eat take and bake pizza from the grocery store I end up with a horrendous case of squirty bottoms.

(b) Fred's toes curled and his whole body was racked with pain as the hot and frothy excrement spewed forth from his ass. Just before he felt as if he was going to vomit he wondered what gave him such a bad case of squirty bottoms.
by Dasspam November 9, 2009