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The intersection of 2 joints perpendicular to one another so that they form a cross with 3 ends that must be lit. As the joint is smoked the reefer smoke forms a bottle neck for the perfect trifecta hit. Best if rolled with weed that smells like "gods vagina".
"this is like the apex of the vortex of joint engineering" = crossjoint
by devfb December 12, 2007
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A cross joint, otherwise known as the crossroads, is a joint with three smoking ends. When made the joint should form the shape of a cross (yes it is a little sac-religious), or a crossroad for you catholics out there. Using either three lighters with two or more people, you can spark this joint up and enjoy.
In order to make one must roll half of a large papered joint leaving the end open, to allow further packing. Then take another long paper and roll your second and third joints. These two joints should have no roach, in fact it should look like a long tootsie roll. after twisting both ends, cut two small holes in the center of the 2 and 3 joint. then cut two holes into the first joint. Push the 2 and 3 joint into the holes of the first joint. Once the holes of the 2 and 3 joint cant be seen finish packing the first joint. Take some of your extra paper and tear off a few gummed strips. Seal this new age classic and prepare to smoke!
In the new movie the Pineapple Express, with Seth Rogen and James Franco, one can see the cross joint in full effect. There is a clip online at YouTube.
by The Other Mongoose January 04, 2008
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A cross joint is when you have 1 large joint and a shorter smaller joint and you join them through each other to form the shape of a cross. It is rumored that M.M. Oshonasy delveloped the first cross joint, the man who designed the golden gate bridge. What you do is you equip yourself with three lighters and you light all three ends at once which forms a trifecta of joint smoking power which helps you to get higher faster.
Man 1: Yo dude you gotta smoke this cross joint with me
Man 2: Na man i can't
Man 1: Come on man i can't even light this myself
Man 2: alright alright
by R.RoFF.13 January 01, 2008
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a joint shaped like a cross that consists of three joints all connected.
To smoke it you light the end of the three joints while someone sucks out of one end.
must have two people to smoke it
pulls like a motherfucker
Dude is that a cross joint
yeah dude I have been waiting for you all day so we could smoke it
(also see the movie pineapple express)
by EVB07 January 04, 2008
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