10 definition by Darth Fureon

Data income exceeds processing speed
Steve: @_@???@_@*is confused*
Mike: Slow down and take it easy that will stop the confusion.
by Darth Fureon October 12, 2005

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A force of nature that questions your authority.
The rain pours down. *screams* How dare you question my authority. I did not direct that water would fall on me. It is inefficient as it slows me down.

Conformity to designated specifications is mandatory.

Heh, I just came home after being rained upon.
by Darth Fureon March 31, 2006

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OGE: Oral Gas Emission. aka burp/belch
Hmm soda. *drinks* heheh gas. OGE's
by Darth Fureon January 10, 2006

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