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The age you're waiting for your girlfriend to turn.
"Broo Jessica's birthday is coming up right? She's turning 18?"

"Yeah man finally, we've been dating for 3 years now, it's about time I lose my virginity, I'm god damn 23 years old."

Jessica to her best friend: "When do you think I should tell him that I want to wait until marriage?"
by DannyDimes December 10, 2020

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When a guy eats whip cream from a girls butt hole.
"Yooo broo how did things go last night with Jessica, you give her the ole mickey cobbler?"

"Duude I gave her more than the mickey cobbler, had a god damn 5 course meal down there!"
by DannyDimes December 03, 2020

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The abbreviation for overtime which is code word for having sex. This can be usefull when the boys want to have a conversation in the office without violating HR policies and remain stealthy.
Eric: "Yooo bro how was your weekend!? Put in a lot of OT!?"

Jimmy: "You already know I did brotha!"

Jessica to Sarah: "Jeez Eric and Jimmy are always talking about OT, it's weird though I'm usually here on the weekends and I never see them in the office."
by DannyDimes December 10, 2020

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The process of becoming a wimp and a pussy, also known as a wussy.
The wussification of America is still in the early stages and can be stopped if we act quick. This is an ongoing problem that has been developing among many American males. Instead of getting outside and playing sports, they are inside playing video games day dreamin about the next PlayStation console. Instead of drinking Cognac, Wiskey and IPA's, they are sipping on Strawberry Truly's, Mango Bubbly's and Mimosas. Instead of heading to the bar to pick up some mami's, they are netflix and chilling with their girlfriend Jill. Someone please teach these poor millennial men what manly activities are again so all the beautiful women do not move to Russia.
by DannyDimes December 16, 2020

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When you have intercourse with two girls at the same time, also known as a threesome. The word refers to a call of duty killstreak 3 kills with the perk hardline making it 2 kills. While getting and RC-XD with hardline in call of duty is pretty easy, it is extremely hard to accomplish in real life.
"Damnn the club is poppin tonight! You trying to drop an RC-XD w/ hardline!?"

"Brooo have you seen the ratio here, I'm trying to drop a god damn chopper gunner, lets goo!"
by DannyDimes December 08, 2020

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A word usually used by females that refers to a mans hog.
Girls Locker Room Talk:

Stacy: "Omg, did you see Jimmy's skin candy!? I could see it through his pants!"

Shaniqua: "I didnt! I was more focused on Tyrone's, I'm more of a king size snickers gal!"

Hannah: "Hey Franchesca, how did things go with you and Trey last night!?"

Franchesca: "Lets just say I had my fingers on his butterfinger and it didn't take long until he starbursted!"
by DannyDimes December 22, 2020

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The phrase simply means that you are doing extremely well and are very successful. Success, fame and fortune will inevitably come with a large amount of haters. This is not a bad thing, without haters there is no one to prove wrong. Understanding that hate is a sign of envy and jealously should be used to motivate you. Just remember, haters gonna hate, that just means you're doing well.
"Yoo dude did you see Dan Bilzerian's snap story!? Looks like he was hunting warthogs out of a chopper down in Texas with like five hot mami's, friggin epic!"

"No, I hate Dan Bilzerian. His company is gonna fail and he'll be a broke ass cat like me."

Dan Bilzerian has haters on the payroll and they are working for free.
by DannyDimes December 18, 2020

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