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(22nd July 1973 - )
The man behind the music of Savage Garden. The Australian born in Essex, England always took a back seat, uncomfortable in the spotlight, Daniel Jones was resposible for the music behind Darren Hayes' voice in hits such as 'Truly Madly Deeply' 'To The Moon And Back' 'I Want You' 'I Knew I Loved You' and 'Crash and Burn'.
When the band officially died in 2001 Daniel went on to set up his own production company Meridien Musik and in a relocation move to Sydney with pregnant wife, Hi-5's Kathleen de Leon has purchased the iconic Studios 301 with some of his hard-earned stardusted millions...
"Savage Garden were a duo??" I thought they were a band?"

"Na man, they were a duo - Darren Hayes was the singer, and then Daniel Jones - the pretty tall blonde one who wrote all the music."
by Lauren B May 27, 2006
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Daniel Jones is an uncommon breed of mutant rat. He spends his spare time watching sislovesme videos, not to wank, but simply for entertainment. He also enjoys activities such as, but not limited to: Masturbation to black people gifs, pronouncing the word "gif" as "jif", and stealing his neighbours garden gnomes. If you are approached by such a creature, stay extremely still as to not threaten it, as when they are threatened they tend to grow a large coat of needles and shoot them at their enemies.
"See that Daniel Jones boy, don't go near him he's a bit, mmm you know"
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by The Jakey Cunt In Scotland October 15, 2018
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