The process of becoming a wimp and a pussy, also known as a wussy.
The wussification of America is still in the early stages and can be stopped if we act quick. This is an ongoing problem that has been developing among many American males. Instead of getting outside and playing sports, they are inside playing video games day dreamin about the next PlayStation console. Instead of drinking Cognac, Wiskey and IPA's, they are sipping on Strawberry Truly's, Mango Bubbly's and Mimosas. Instead of heading to the bar to pick up some mami's, they are netflix and chilling with their girlfriend Jill. Someone please teach these poor millennial men what manly activities are again so all the beautiful women do not move to Russia.
by DannyDimes December 16, 2020
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Wussification is the systematic sissyfying of men
Men use to be real men, now they are becoming wimpy and sissy like ( wussification), afraid to speak up now, afraid to take charge or command, losing their mojo, all this because of our politically correct society.
by J Masta Blasta February 21, 2013
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The trend of becoming an increasingly wimpy society
Kids playing video games rather than playing sports is an example of wussification of America
by Jonathan Drew September 16, 2007
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(v) The act of turning one into a wussy.
The mother has been wussifying her children from young age.

The wussification of American children is notable.
by keyme October 21, 2007
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Is America becoming a nation of wusses with sensitivity training, frivolous lawsuits, political correctness, etc? It's a play on words from the PA Governor discussing the cancellation of a NFL Eagles Football game before the snow fell. Wuss was originally defined in the movie, "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" by Mike Damone. Look up youtube video for "Wussification Nation".
We have become a wussification nation when we cancel school for a flake of snow.
by Nuts4Beer February 1, 2011
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