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Partying it up and living large w/ your friends (male or female) and usually brew chugging is involved as well!
"tonight will be a TOTAL BRO-DOWN dudes!"
by Daniella February 07, 2004

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To drink brews w/ your bros. (aka friends)
"yo dawg, tonight's party is going to be a total BREWDOWN!!!"
by Daniella February 07, 2004

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This word has versatile use, when a tune or something going on is totally brutal or when a situation is sucky or not fun
"dude, this tune is a BRUTE JAM" (basically, it sucks)


If you have to do something you don't want to do, like clean the bathroom, you can say:
"dude,I have to clean the bathroom" and your friend will say:
"BRUTE JAMS bathroom cleaning-wise!"
by Daniella February 07, 2004

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Gallery of CHUGGAGE! do you need anything else? LINE UP, pass it around, POUND EM DOWN!!!!
um hello??? YEah. Chug Gallery, FULL EFFECT!!! thou needeth not elseth.
you're brewing down at a party (note: see def. of "brewing down") its pretty rad, then your "bro" comes out w/ a bottle of alcoholic spirits:
by Daniella February 11, 2004

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A person who has no fun and even less sex.
That guy that lives with dave is a huge disco.
by Daniella November 04, 2003

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