32 definition by Damn Damn Danno

The smartest invention ever built by some jock by the name of George Foreman.

You can cook fecal matter in this grill and amaze your friends in the process.
Flying J Cook : DOOD! I got meself a George Foreman Grill
Manager : Cool! Let's cook shit and feed it to the masses!
by damn damn danno October 01, 2006

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A redneck pickup truck.
Cletus! I'M goin ratpickin' with my rat picker truck!
by Damn Damn Danno November 18, 2006

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A place in Wisconsin... probably a place where stoners meet at a place with trees like a recreational area and they get stoned out of their minds.

Most probable is the fact that "THAT 70's show" is based out of that place because the peope in that show are so ... DUNCE.

It's named after the BONG device, used to smoke up canniboïd substances like weed.
Bong Recreational Area: WHere people get stoned, with the cops and the bears.
by Damn Damn Danno October 01, 2005

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or NOAA weather radio.

Some radio you listen to get informations on upcoming hurricanes, tornadoes or other weather calamities.

EMO kids, people without lives get turned on by the three voices of NOAA.
Look! Jim is jacking off the weather radio because he thinks the female voice is sexy.
by Damn Damn Danno October 08, 2006

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1. A hoe (like her) that got prego.

Britney Spears actually is a by-product of the "sex-sells" scheme in this pathetic world. She's often seen engaging in sexually deviant acts.

Many people lost respect to her because she's a prime example of what GIRLS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO! AND HER carreer was just helped by her so called "beautiful body" that used to shake her mammary glands (tits) on her videos.

She's cute. But inside her lies an evil, ugly looing monster looking to cob your nob. RIGHT KEVIN FEDERLINE?
Brtiney Spears is a prego hoe. Right???
by Damn Damn Danno October 01, 2005

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A city in Michigan, often the butt of many people's jokes.
Shut your god damn Frankenmuth!
by Damn Damn Danno October 06, 2005

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World's second biggest country north of the United States of America. Its exports are usually frozen foods, frozen fish and other frozen things.

There are over 30 million Canucks and Canuckesses living up there. Its capital is Ottawa Ontario.

Its major languages are English and Kweebecer.
Yank: Where ya from?
Canuck: Canuckstand eh? And you eh?
Yank: The US of A... what do you eat up there?
Ceanuck: Beavers of course eh?
by Damn Damn Danno October 10, 2005

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