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1. Any Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant vehicles or variants.

They had Mitsubishi 2.6 L engines or Chrysler 2.2/2.5 L engines, not producing more horsepower than of those of an electric granny scooter.

Legend has that a boss at McKevitt Trucking produced these vehicles with ball-less (detesticulated) technical specifications so it won't go more than 55 miles per hour. Most drivers driving K-Cars are Sunday drivers or those who want the looks of a car but YET the power of an electric go-kart or granny pusher scooter.

In 1989, the final bona fide k-Cars were constructed and were swept under the carpet.

2. Although "erroneously" used: Any "k-car" wannabes (in terms of mass-production, or familiarity) from other vehicles like the Chevy Cavalier/Pantiass Sunfire or the Ford Escort.
Pontiac Sunfire: GM's answer to the Chrysler K-Car.
by Damn Damn Danno October 04, 2005

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Grand Ole Pedophiles.
or Gay Ol'Pedos

Another name for Mark Foley's party.

The GOP (Republican) said that Mark Foley's invitation to sexual innuendos were not illegal, and therefore covering their asses so the GOP's reign would continue.

Only the GOP would assign a pedophile for the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

However, if a Democrat or anyother party (if any) would have a major scandal and would force the entire party to resign.
Michael J: Let's vote republican! Let's vote for the GOP!
by damn damn danno October 06, 2006

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Derogatory term for a rebranded underpowered General Motors vehicle having the improper brand of PONTIAC.

By definition, although misleading at times, PONTIAC is GM's vehicle excitement division. One such paradox was the Pantiass Aztec; essentially an uglified Buick Rendezvous which stirred little excitement amongst the normal public.
Vehicles worth of the Pantiass brand are the Aztec and the Sunfire.
by Damn Damn Danno October 04, 2005

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In plain English: Any prime and mature woman seeking or prowling for younger men.

The term Cougar was coined to any woman seeking a youger man. Like the animal of the same name, they constantly hunt for fresh meat they can sink their teeth into. Cougars tend to seek energetic guys that are mostly vulnerable.

Many guys would have wished that their cougar counterparts would have baby sat them so they could have lost their virginities at a way younger age, without the fear of mommy or daddy knowing it.

One prime example of a cougar is Mary-Kaye Letourneau.
Dan : Where were you when I needed a baby sitter to babysit me hey ya cougar!
'Rianne : That would have been bad...
by Damn Damn Danno October 06, 2005

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