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To smoke marijuana profusely.
We were cheechin' out your mom's van until she knocked at its door.
by dub May 04, 2003

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Invented by Evan Seinfeld of the band Biohazard, it's when you are doing a chick from behind, then fist her and jerk yourself off from the inside.
I'll marry the next chick I can colon clutch.
by Dub April 01, 2005

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a crazy ass guy that exist only on line, with many fetishes including sheep, and a girl in a tub.
toffeechips, you a crazy mofo.
by dub December 27, 2003

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A euphamism for a meaningless, randomly constructed, excrutiatingly slow-paced and circular diatribe meant to take up space when, in mid conversation, the speaker realizes that he doesn't have the vocabulary, mental agility, experience or knowledge to complete his original thought - but desperately needs to appear in control and in the know . See "mental filibuster."
Comment: "Ah, yes, precisely, we realize that...you know...the most important, by far, factor in...ah...determining....well, we really just need to"

Response: Grimaces slightly, nods head and thinks ("ba-deep")
by DUB October 05, 2004

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bitchface, backstabbing, fake, wannabe, fugly, prude, and shallow.
he's being downright hateful to her.
no he is being frannie b.
by dub April 25, 2005

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The sound you make when your creativity is exhausted
"I'm trying to think but I... I just can't... I... wepthity!!"
by Dub October 28, 2003

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Ex vocalist for the band Crimson Glory. Has the most powerfully emotional voice ever recorded along with a god-like octave range and delivery.
Midnight is the greatest singer to ever live.
by Dub May 28, 2005

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