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To be sooooo sexy as to be automatically wanting to have sexual relations as soon as possible.A strong, almost primal urge to insert one's roger into her fish mitten . An urge so strong it is as if one has been cuntstruck.
Then Geraldine shook her booty,jiggled her boobs and licked her lips seductively,man, it was cuntamatic to the max.
by DMAN111 January 04, 2007
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A most severe repremand. A person who is not well liked or popular, A very bad person. A person you may dislike strongly. Well beyond a mere cunt. Oddly, in Australia somtimes a passing ,meaningless quipp to a close friend.Similar to cuntface,cuntfeaturescuntfucker
"Now listen here cuntguts. I got here first right ?"

"ahhhhhhhhhhhh..... cuntguts !!!!!!!! I just dropped a pallet on my toe."

"Clearly stephen was a cuntguts of the very highest order"
by DMAN111 January 04, 2007
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