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short fo' appreciate
Yo homie let me hold a dollar. Preciate it.
by D.A. November 18, 2003

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Attractive Puerto Rican woman
I got a butter pecan's number last night.
by D.A. September 18, 2003

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1. Idiot, fool, imbecile.
2. Used in the same stride as 'bitch,' 'asshole,' 'dumbass,' 'dumbfuck,' 'motherfucker,' 'fucktard,' 'clam licker,' 'turd burglar,' 'cock wrangler,' 'cunt muncher,' 'ass reamer,' 'faggot,' 'bull dyke,' 'retard,' 'flamer,' 'extra-chromosome motherfucker,' 'man pounder,' and 'tweezer cock.' In fact, this term can be used to describe all of these things, at once.
3. An ignorant, stupid person.
4. In sexual intercourse, the sound made when the flabs of flesh at the nether-regions of sexual partners collide.
5. Worthless, obsolete, irrelevant, useless, trash. Used to describe a person's worth.
6. A person who's existence is unacknowledged by his/her peers.
7. A person who has contributed nothing to the world since his/her conception, and should cease to exist.
8. A person whose opinion is worthless and has no relevance to the current discussion.
9. A person with bowel movements/activities similar to that of an octogenerian.
10. All of the previous definitions combined.
1. Mr. Ellegood is a puss smack (Refer to definition #10) for stealing other peoples' words.

2. That puss smack (Refer to definiton #4)was exceptionally loud and juicy.
by D.A. May 16, 2006

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the area on the male body between the ass and penis.
"My scrat is itching."
by D.A. September 18, 2003

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