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A term used to describe a girl who refuses to give oral sex to the opposite sex.
Bob: Dude, I had this date last night, guess what happened?
Bill: What?
Bob: Well It was with this real hot chick and I was thinking, yeah I am so getting a blowjob...
Bill: Well did you?
Bob: No when I asked her to do it she was like "I don't do that kinda thing" How fucking lame is that...
Bill: What a fucking muzi man.
by Philip Enis May 27, 2006
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Moist guy, not rated by many people and claims he's a gyalist when he's more of a gay best friend.
See that guy over there, he's a right muzi. Never chats to girls.
by SYM Muzi February 14, 2019
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Short for Music Nazi
Anyone who a) relentlessly bitches on someone for the volume or type of music they are listening to or b) someone who relentlessly bitches on someone because they are listening to any sort of personal music device and/or c) if the Muzi is an authority figure, commonly a teacher, they immediately confiscate said device for as long as they are able to.
Cruel Teacher Muzi: "Hand it over."
Victim: "..fat whore Muzi.."

Old Muzi: "Turn down your damned head-bangin noise!!"
Me: "FACKAFF!!!"
by FUGGYEW January 07, 2009
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Muzi is Yorkshire slang for Muslim. Some people may call it a racist term but they is just preachers tryin 2 preach der shite.
Wot up Muzi

Yeh carm it dwn Muzi

U dnt wanna mess wiv me Muzi coz i roll deep lik
by D To The N December 29, 2006
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A cool , loving guy with A girlfriend named Candice that he loves more than anything in the world. He's good company , funny , and loves to be around people
Oh man I wish I could've been born as muzi
by Jason drruloans May 11, 2019
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