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To fumble or 'PINCH' the buttocks of your lover with two or three fingers on each buttock. As famously portrayed in Kim Kardashians porno tape with the eloquent 'RayJ'. In the first moments of the footage, RayJ takes her two large pieces of Turkish-American badonkadonk and jiggles it. This has become to be known as the "Kardashian Pinch" enjoyed by lovers all over the world. This was in fact also the only good part of the sex-tape as Kim Kardashian was a boring lay and did nothing. Having her ass jiggled was the most movement that the audience ever saw from her.
Oh man... last night, we were making out and things were getting heated. I put both of my hands on her arse and gave her a bit of the old Kardashian Pinch. She melted with delight and soon we were shagging like rabbits.
by crusade87 September 03, 2010
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When you laugh so hard and for so long that your lungs literally feel fucked. To have a such a hard choking laugh that almost has the capacity to kill.
That dude is so funny, I can promise you pretty much every time you hang with him, he'll give you a good lung fucking... literally. Like he is that funny. He doesn't even need to say anything, you might die from laughter.
by Crusade87 September 03, 2010
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