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dumbledore is the greatest sorcerer in the world
person 1:dumbledore just bitch slapped voldemort(u shall not harm harry)
person 2:He rules!
by crowie August 07, 2006

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fred and george weasley are the twins in the weasley family in the harry potter series.
fred and george weasley look the same
by crowie August 07, 2006

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a guy in the harry potter series who eventually dies from a unforgivable curse
cedric diggory was just killed by wormtail because because he was voldermorts slave and thought he was killing harry.
by crowie May 31, 2006

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lily potter,mother to boy wizard harry potter who inherited her green eyes and profected harry from a curse after she sacrified her self for her only child.wife to james potter.
sister to pertunia dursley.

'i was the only one to see her for what she was....A FREAK!'
i just saw lily potter appear in that mirror next to harry along with james potter.freaky kina s***!
That's some dark magic right there!
by crowie July 21, 2006

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dementors,scary creatures who gaurd azakaban.they attacked harry mostly in the third movie because of his tragic past.

DEMENTORS SUCK ... literally they suck out your soul and not your brain like some foolish people think!
by crowie July 31, 2006

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Potions/DADA professor at Hogwarts in the Harry potter series.
Generally seen as mean and hateful man with a grudge against Harry ,passed down from father to son.However he came through for Harry in book 7 showing his true colours(still dark but with a tinge of grey which perfectly complimented the harsh white of voldemort's white face and red eyes)
Severus Snape is severe,sold to slytherin by the sorting hat.NOT a distant relation to devil Snare.
by Crowie November 24, 2008

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gilderoy lockhart ,second dark arts teacher with a pearly white teeth and golden locks.good at memory charms which resulted in him losing his memory in the chamber of secrets

'your a fraud you've just been taking credit for what other wizards have done'
'gilderoy lockhart just used the peskipiksi pesternomi charm which didn't work and left us to round the rest of them up.he's so useless.lets kill him!'said Harry
by crowie July 21, 2006

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