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1. A raw condition resulting from too much smoking of a substance through a hitter. When smoking through a one-hitter, the user has to continually light the substance over and over again because it does not stay lit in a hitter, creating a raw thumb. After awhile the lighter becomes very hot and even to the point of burning the user. Thus, everytime the user lights the substance, he not only wears out the skin on his thumb, but he burns it as well. *The condition consists of either raw, red skin on the inside of the thumb or loose, dead skin such as to burns.
Charlie was smoking some stuff out by pool for about 3 hours last night. He has like three band aids on his thumb. I think he has potsmoker's thumb.
by Cpt_Planeteer September 06, 2005
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The act of having a conversation with someone that is so profound or meaningful they you feel closer to the person than you could never have imagined before.
Can often be associated with schizophrenics who possess multiple personalities, a person can have social intercourse with themselves through this process.
Want an example? Try having a conversation with someone and actually listen for once.

"Lisa was so involved and moved by what Pat had to say that it is easy to believe that their conversation involved a form of social intercourse".
by Cpt_Planeteer February 07, 2008
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Adj: When someone gets so afraid of whats outside their room that they lock themselves in their rooms and close the shutters so no one will ever see them.

A condition related to agoraphobia but has to do with severe paranoia and not so much depression.
The elderly woman who lived across the street only appears when she gets her mail. She doesn't even go out to eat, her food is delivered to her through the crack in the door. I think her name was Olivia. She was once a Broadway Dancer. But she has become so shutterbound that she has probably lost her own name. And all her memories evade her and she has even lost her own family. What could she fear so much?
by Cpt_Planeteer January 06, 2008
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1. Street term that recreational users created for the sole purpose of renaming the herb Marijuana.
2. Marijuana or using Marijuana.
Wanna go hit the whammy?
by Cpt_Planeteer September 06, 2005
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