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The act of a girl dumping and entire bottle of curry powder on a guys cock before blowing him. when the guy cums in the girls mouth he then uses his dong as a spoon and creates the "Slurry" the girl must then swallow the entire concoction.
that girl handled the curry slurry without crying at all, what a trooper
by CorsairWWII June 14, 2016

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A sexual act that takes place in a desert or dry place. the girl then gets dehydrated to the point she has no saliva and then proceeds to suck the guy with no lube, midway through the girl bites down causing the guys cock to have a bump like a camels back, the girl then proceeds to use the blood as lube to finish the job.
person 1: did you hear about what Toms girlfriend did to him
Person 2: yea he got a camelback
person 1: must suck to be him right now
by CorsairWWII June 14, 2016

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like a California roll only more dangerous. effectively accelerating through a stop sign with zero regard for oncoming traffic or pedestrians. the reason why there are so many accidents in Italy every year. highly dangerous and illegal.
Driver: Hold on we are gonna Italian Roll this bitch
Passengers: .........
by CorsairWWII June 13, 2016

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