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3 definitions by Corsair Sailor

when a boat's top deck submerged, usually at least a third or half of it
the boat laying on its side had been capsized by the collision
by Corsair Sailor September 20, 2007
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Short for landlubber, which in turn comes from "land lover."

Insult meaning a bad sailor, most often used by pirates, and can be very offensive to sailors.
by Corsair Sailor September 19, 2007
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A general pirate exclamation that can mean nearly anything from pain to pride.

More recently used by particularly salty sailors.

Often incorrectly pronounced 'arr'
1.Captain: Yarr! Let's raid those lubbers!
Crew: YARR!!

2. Yarr! Where's me hook?
by Corsair Sailor September 19, 2007
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