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To articulate with knowledge. Communicating useful information in a clear, well defined manner.
So many bloggers fail to smarticulate useful knowledge.
Tech support was very smaticulate and helpful.
He smarticulated the instructions in a very clear and understandable way.

Smarticulation is very important when giving instructions.
He speaks in a very smarticulatory manner.
by Corporal Al June 04, 2010
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Derived from Katamari the video game where the object is to roll up a giant ball of random objects, and Conkers Reloaded the video game where one objective is to collect poo balls by rolling them.
A Scatamari is a giant unstoppable cumulative snowball of scat, or shit that anything and everything gets stuck to.
eg.1: Life is like a Scatamari, the longer you roll along, the more scat you accumulate and it takes a large impact to knock some of that scat off.

eg.2: This project is turning into a Scatamari, the longer we work on it the more shit goes into it.
by Corporal Al May 26, 2009
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A shit attack, or shit storm. Being overwhelmed by a great amount of requests or shit to do. Being under shittack.
"The boss is shittacking me again with a bunch of menial tasks."
by Corporal Al March 06, 2009
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