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A term which originated in the west to pack up a group of regions and nations which have different languages, history, and culture. People there do not think of themselves as "middle eastern". They think of themselves as either Arabs, Turks, Persians .... and I can keep naming ethnicities for a long time.

Another misconception is that what is called the middle east is mainly a desert. Most countries in the so-called middle east have only a limited desert area and others do not have deserts at all.

Most countries in the so-called middle east have a lot of problems because of past or present western colonialism occupation or intervention.
A missled person: I've been to the middle east.
Another person: Could you be more specific?

First Person: When are these middle eastern people are going to stop having trouble?
Second Person: When WE LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!
by commentator January 25, 2008

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The first wife of the Prophet. One of the most perfect women in human history. She was a wise independent and respectable woman. She had a strong personality and supported the Profet since the biginning of Isalm.
Women like Khadijah take part in history making.

Modern feminist can follow the example of Khadijah, the serious strong-willed woman.
by commentator December 01, 2007

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1. Someone who looks like a mother or plays the role of the mother in someone else's life.

2. A euphemism for "motherfucker"
The character of Mary represents the mother-figure in that novel.

You ruined my book, mother-figure.
by commentator November 27, 2007

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Honor killing is killing a relative (usually but not always female). It isn't acceptable in Islam nor in any religion. It's a kind of primitive tradition in some societies (not only Middle Eastern). It's a stupid atrocity and it's not honorable at all.
The so-called honor killing is a dying tradition.

In Greek mythology Orestes kills his mother because she cheated on his father and let her lover kill him. Greek mythology isn't Islamic, is it??

"Christians living within parts of Africa and the Near East, such as sections of Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, sometimes carry out the crime honor killing" Wikipedia
by commentator December 01, 2007

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1. The holy journey to Mecca. It is an act of worship (pilgrimage). It usually gives a great spiritual boost to the pilgrim.

2. A title given to the person who has performed the act of haj. Usually indicates wisdom and serenity.

3. A title sometime given to an elderly Muslim who seems as wise and serene as a haj. This use of the word is controversial however.
First Person: Ahmad is back from haj!
Second Person: Great let's go and congratulate him.

I met Haj Hasan yesterday! He is so wise and respectable.

Haj Ali is a nice person but he didn't have a chance to perform haj yet. He is so eager to see Mecca.
by commentator December 01, 2007

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1. One of the wives of Prophet Muhammad. One of the greatest women in Islamic and human history. In spite of all that is said about her by haters, she is a symbol of purity as testified in the Holy Quran. Some people use twisted logic to attack the character of Prophet Muhammad by claiming that his marriage to her at the age of 9 is child abuse. That is false logic because:
a. It was normal at that time for girls to marry at that age, if they have reached the age of puberty. That can be testified by studying history.

b. No one at that time, including the enemies of the Prophet, used that excuse to attack his character.

c. Someone proposed to Aisha and was turned down before the Prophet proposed.

As any unbiased person can see, if we want to judge that marriage we need to put in its historical and social context. It is unfair to apply contemporary Western criteria to something which happened 14 centuries ago in a different culture.
I will name my daughter Aisha.
by Commentator February 16, 2008

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Someone who is thought of by fools like captain Brit of the 21st centuryas an immigrant. They don't know that most Muslims live peacefully in their home countries and sometimes get invaded by others including Brits.

Muslims follow Islam which requires them to be kind and friendly. They worship God, though they name Him Allah, which is the Arabic name of God. There are fundamentalist extremist Muslims, as there fundamentalist extremist Christians and Jew. These fundamentalists try to defame Islam and Muslims.
True Muslims are usually kind and friendly.
by commentator January 01, 2008

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