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A best friend. Someone who is always there for you and always knows how to help. A beautiful, and special person who should be treasured. :)
Person 1: "Wow, that person is so awesome, who is she?"
Person 2: "I dont know, but she must be a Khadijah"
by Lindor=Sex December 31, 2009
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An amazing tall-ish, fair, pretty girl who is loved by everyone except for a few but that is expected (jealousy) e.g FK. Khadijahs love sugary foods so buy that for them everyday. They're unique and are a great person to give advice and to have as a best friend or girlfriend.
FK: im jealous of Khadijah.

#muneerah #pretty #unique #black #bigbooty #bighearted #positive #carinf #loving
by QuranSwagu April 21, 2017
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The first wife of the Prophet. One of the most perfect women in human history. She was a wise independent and respectable woman. She had a strong personality and supported the Profet since the biginning of Isalm.
Women like Khadijah take part in history making.

Modern feminist can follow the example of Khadijah, the serious strong-willed woman.
by commentator December 01, 2007
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A hilarious, girl who keeps her friends close and won’t give up without a fight. She’s scared of loosing her friends but has an amazing time with them and makes every minute worth it. She’s stubborn and is a bitch at times to the people she doesn’t like. She should be an actress because shes dramatic af. She loves savoury food and does not want to share. When you ask Khadijah for her food she secretly doesn’t want to but does anyway. If you do anything to her she holds a grudge not matter what it was. Khadijah’s have a very good sense of humour and is very sarcastic. All the boys want one but she’s just to busy for nonsense. Khadijah’s have a great body, amazing eyes, hair, and lips. They go for natural makeup looks but for a special occasion they go all out with that glittery cut crease!
Person 1: Did you hear that girl today? She was so funny in class and every time a boy asked her out she turned him down coolddd!
Person 2:Shes definitely a Khadijah
by xx.anonymous.18xx May 19, 2018
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