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Korean Acapella group consists of 5 members, they usually post videos of them covering sounds such as Windows starting sounds and sometimes make music videos themselves
Not gonna lie, What If by the group Maytree actually has meaningful yet simple lyrics
by ColorsMakeYouHappy October 13, 2021
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Basically Minecraft's creative mode but in Roblox, and you need to pay to make new worlds and many unoriginal games are always at the front page such as: free build, household games, obby for blux and rng fling
In Blockate, imagination is unlimited unless you want to make the Starter Island's sign with two blocks
by ColorsMakeYouHappy September 23, 2021
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Say to Rick Astley himself: "Give me UP. Now you either have to give me up or let me down"
A reddit user has attempted to create a black hole using The Rickroll Paradox
by ColorsMakeYouHappy September 23, 2021
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how the heck did you find this lol
Chairs exist and I just microwaved 17 cats last Tuesday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by ColorsMakeYouHappy November 17, 2021
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