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1) The act of repeating an action, taking soo long that it will eventually grow flowers.

2) The grinding of the pelvises.

3) The act of bouncing nickels off of an obese person's ass.

4) The act of fellating a cucumber.
I could grodin this until it grew flowers.
by Colon April 23, 2006
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see also Gayette. A guy who if in the major leages would be a "switch hitter" or boner licker if you will. His position would be a catcher.(semen duh)
I walked into the rainbow cactus and there was a bunch of payettes running around.
by colon July 30, 2003
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anywhere where there's a 2-min. thought up idea
by colon April 27, 2003
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dried up "after birth". Or can also mean the waste receptacle in the abortion clinic.
by colon July 30, 2003
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