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A male who lives with his parents into late adulthood. Rarely does the grodin venture outside, but spends most of his time on the internet in chat rooms pretending to be a little girl hoping to solicit sexual predators in hopes of getting laid. His frustrations are often taken out on others in meaningless rants. He is a closet pervert that is known to view obscure porn in high quanities with his sexual preference being unclear.
If that grodin doesn't shut the fuck up we're going to have a body to get rid of.
by Johnson ODahnger June 08, 2004
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1) The act of repeating an action, taking soo long that it will eventually grow flowers.

2) The grinding of the pelvises.

3) The act of bouncing nickels off of an obese person's ass.

4) The act of fellating a cucumber.
I could grodin this until it grew flowers.
by Colon April 23, 2006
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