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The agile ability of a man of homosexual orientation. Most commonly associated with how long a man can pound another man's asshole before tiring.
Michael: My agility is pretty good in the long haul...
Tom: You mean fagility you fuckin' homo.
by Cokebaron October 12, 2009

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A quest cape skiller is a RuneScape player usually over Combat Level 100, that trains all skills to be high without getting a respectable skill cape, instead wearing a sub-par quest cape. They usually have a fail total level.
James: Lol, this lvl 110 quest cape skiller thinks they own the show with their 70+ stats and shitty quest cape. Shame about the 1800 total.
Matt: Yeah, nub much.
by Cokebaron January 14, 2009

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An attractive young female that has not been fucked recently, and has become "dusty".
David: Damn, that chick is hot!
Ryan: Yeah, that's Britney, she's a dust bunny.
David: You can't be serious!
Ryan: She's got AIDS.
David: Bugger.
by Cokebaron July 15, 2009

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