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Coming from the french language
Means to see again..
In short a "hi again!"
* user_1 is back from AFK.
<user_2> re.
<user_3> Wb.
<user_1> Thanks dudes.
by Coke June 12, 2004
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A term coined by the gaming community to describe a player's prediction and deductive reasoning abilities.
This guy absolutely has some long-term experience playing this game at a competitive level: he has good game sense, solid aim, and a good understanding of how a round will play out.
by coKe September 11, 2013
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the hoodest city in westchester, harder than yonkers, new ro, all that...the only place where u got 14 year olds pumpin crack.
jadakiss is bitch when he's out here
by coke January 27, 2005
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High School class that graduates in 2007. The class that runs the school, every other class fears '07
"'07 runs this bitch (the school)"
by Coke December 14, 2004
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a person who messes up things. always getting in the way
dont let her come shes a shpoozer
by coke November 12, 2003
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Short for Point of Existence. A mod for Battlefield Vietnam which is good but is held back from reaching it greatness due to the complete crappy engine of Battlefield Vietnam.

Based on a war between Russia and the United States that takes place in Sudan and Kenya.
"PoE v.2 was released TODAY! Go check it out!"
by Coke December 14, 2004
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