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To fornicate with, without regard for emotional attachment.
I want to rail your sister, hard.
by Cliffy September 01, 2003

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To have sex with another in such a manner so the partner is never quite the same. Emotional counseling is typically required after the fact.
After I ruined your mother, she never wanted sex from your father again.
by Cliffy September 02, 2003

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If you are currently married or have a partner, you are allowed to Pick up providing you are away from home and the postcode of that area begins with a different number to that of your home town.
Josh: I'm going away on holidays and i'm meeting up with a girl there.

Morgan: You dog what will Caroline think!

Josh: Nah its sweet dude the postcode there is 3564

Morgan: Postcode theory to the rescue
by Cliffy September 20, 2005

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Posessing the ability to compete, succeed, or or attain a goal or status.
Positive: I railed that chick last night, and she said I had mad dukes.

Negative: I tried to rail your mom last night, and found out she was a lesbian. I got no dukes.

(In the style of Adam Sandler's Talking Goat sketch.)
by Cliffy September 01, 2003

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1. Series of books for some unknown reason constantly referenced against "Lord of the Rings"
2. A CHILDREN'S series of books, which I read and thought, "hmmm, 1 and 3 were good but 2, 4, and 5 were complete garbage" but then I realized they were CHILDREN'S BOOKS - and kids would love 'em, hell, be scared to death by them, and now, whenever I work with kids and they act like Draco Malfoy I say "Behave, or I'll sick Voldemort on you!" and they shit the bed and behave for days on end.
3. A series of books often compared to "Lord of the Rings" and then I realize that I define "apple" as an orange, segmented fruit, with an orange peel... oh wait, I'm comparing apples to oranges!!!
1. "Harry Potter is not nearly as cool as Frodo Baggins" as eluded to by all the retarded dicks who feel this way and post to this webpage - see def. 1 and 3.
2. "If you little fuckers don't stop screaming, I'll go Voldemort ALL OVER YOUR ASS!!" - see def 2.
by cliffy November 24, 2003

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