10 definitions by Clevering

Staring at a man’s genetalia for long period of time with awe
Wow. That man is packing. I can’t stop cock gawking.
by Clevering April 05, 2018
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Brainstorming in a group to come up with clever urban dictionary definitions!
It took our group a few cocktails and some clevering to come up with “crotch googling” to submit to urban dictionary.
by Clevering January 10, 2018
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When you ask people to stay and your spouse wants to go to bed and she gives you the look! She’s red lights you!
by Clevering July 16, 2020
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When your reality is like a hallucinatory quality of a dream. Seems unreal.
When my father passed, going to work seemed like I was in a surreal reality.
by Clevering January 25, 2018
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A highly defensive Mom who will do whatever it takes to defend her kids.

A motivated older woman seeking to corral a younger man without having to drive herself to the bar.
The uber cougar arrived early in time for happy hour and took her place by the bar!
by Clevering June 13, 2019
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Putting the phone in your crotch when at a desk or dinner table while googling (checking) a statement or fact
by Clevering January 09, 2018
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