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The expression of someone who easily shows their emotions or reactions - the opposite of a poker face.
"I was trying to play it cool, but when my boss told me that I didn't get the promotion, she knew right away that I was angry and pissed off. I have SUCH a miniature golf face."
by Clemens March 21, 2008

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pretending to be really, really calm at a time when you really, really want to rip some fucktard's head off.
"After that guy ran into my car, I acted all unfuriated, because I knew getting mad wouldn't get me anything, and I needed to stay cool about it and talk with the witnesses. But that miserable asshole ruined a perfectly good Rav-4. I wish he would die."
by Clemens March 27, 2008

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A combination of "full-time" and "freelancing" - in other words, working forty hours a week for a company (probably as a consultant), but not being EMPLOYED by that company.
When Sandy did that contract job for BigCorp, they liked her so much that they've got her there all the time. But she didn't take the job offer - she's fullancing.
by Clemens July 04, 2008

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