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When a strange situation arises and someone talking to you wonders if it's for real, cross your thumbs and make a butterfly-like movement in the air while making a very wise face. Very chic, very que sera sera....

Related to Moose Of Shame and awkward turtle.
Paris Hilton: OMG, Nicole can spell ORANGE?

You: *oddly enough butterfly* For shizz.

Paris: Whoa, you're pretty flyy.

(Not that you want PH to think you're asesome, you just want her to know you are more awesome then her...)
by Claireybelle April 12, 2010
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Where you spread your hands, put them on either side of your head with the thumbs touching your temple so you have antlers, and bow to a person who just owned you.

Related to the awkward turtle and the oddly enough butterfly
Infront of large crowd

Scott: God I'm drunk.

Matt: Dude, you're a pussy, you've had 2 drinks!

Scott: Moose Of Shame!!
by Claireybelle April 12, 2010
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Sexiest witch EVER, the original temptress that did everything in her power to screw over King Arthur, and succeeded.

However, is awesome, as she was the ORIGINAL bad-girl, who got her way with being hawt and seducing taken men.
Boyfriend:Ever heard of the witch le Fay?

Girlfriend: Nup.

Boyfriend: Your sister's a lot like her...so....about last night when you went out to get the chinese food....
by ClaireyBelle April 11, 2010
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Where a girl who has been checking out a guy behind another guy leans right over so both guys can see down her top and winks at the guy behind. The guy infront gets excited, and the guy behind gets pissed at the guy infront.

Responsible for many'a'brawl. Specially in Texas inbetween cousins.
Guy1: That girl just angel winked me!

Guy2: Her boyfriend is right behind you.

Boyfriend: *cracks knuckles*
by ClaireyBelle April 12, 2010
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