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A woman who looks butch and is the more courtly partner, yet is not rigid about her role.
She looks butch, but she loves to cook.
by Cisco October 18, 2003

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Gay little fags who try to act hard as if they gangsta but deep down inside they some no-good dumb ass little punks who aint down for shit. Weak ass wankstas who claim to be hard but when shit pops off they be the first to split the scene instead of backing their shit up.
Type of dude you wouldn't want rolling with you anywhere because you know he'll be getting you into trouble and backing down when shit pops off. They are the type of people who get you jumped or shot. Eample: Jeremy Rios.
by Cisco June 12, 2004

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A derivative of Francisco, Cisco, Raul, Racisco. Also a ridiculously good looking male.
How are you Rahceusk? I'm fine.
by Cisco December 03, 2003

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an affectionate term, for an affectionate act. After a session of sweet loving, the male partner wipes his hand accross his sniffling nose, paying particular attention to the index finger. The finger is then wiped gently accross his female partners top lip, leaving an authentic looking indian moustache.. Or a 'dirty sanjeev'.
I love you more than anything, please accept this dirty sanjeev as a token of my appreciation.


Gross, that chick is wearing a major dirty sanjeev over her upper lip, the skank.
by cisco March 22, 2005

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A derivative of Julian. Also someone who takes pleasure in the retention and expulsion of feces.
My name is Julian, some call me Jurian.
by Cisco December 04, 2003

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a polite way of saying someone's a duche bag.
you're a real dutch bag!
by Cisco March 02, 2005

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An older man a younger gay man would like to kick it with. Gay slang from early 1990's
Now he's my kind of DILF
by cisco October 23, 2003

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