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When a man and a woman get really drunk with the intention to have anal sex. Typically done to lower inhibitions and increase pain tolerance.
Sarah was a little she about trying anal, but she said she would try rasking.
by Chungy August 02, 2011
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The medical term for dangling labium aka "mud flaps". Thought to originate from freak show showings of Sara Baartman in the 19th century by Dr. Nelson. Currently the leading reason for vaginoplasty.
Sara exhibited extreme Nelson's labium during her first exam.
by Chungy August 09, 2011
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Quickly and roughly eating someone's ass. Based on the people of Venezuela and their obsession with the posterior.
That blonde girl at the bar freaked out when I told her I wanted to take her out to my truck and give her a venezuelan kiss.
by chungy May 19, 2010
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