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Little dried up pieces of toilet paper remnant from wiping ass. Mainly found when they fall out into underwear or in a bed. These remnants are damp and rolled up into little strips from wiping, once dry they resemble dry or uncooked rice. More are made the hairier the ass crack is. Sometimes seen or referred to as Dirty Butt Rice which is when the remnant paper has been stained light brown from fecal mater on it.
That bitch is nasty, while she was in the kitchen I was getting in her bed and I found butt rice between the sheets.
by Chuck G January 27, 2008

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A high over is much like a hang over, except it is caused by smoking marijuana. Usually noticed waking up the next day, to find you are still high. The high over is not always caused by excessive smoking. (Some people are just light weights.)
After smoking a QP of weed in one night David had a 3 day high over.
by Chuck G February 24, 2008

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Slapping A woman Across The Face With Your Penis First Then
Shortly Followed By The Left And Right Testicles Seperately. Usually used after doing something inapropriate.
Last night I gave this hoe a Robert Plant Three Hit Combo after she sucked my cock poorly.
by Chuck G January 09, 2008

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When a single mothers vagina gets wet from when a single man plays with or is nice to her kid.
Watch out bro, If she sees you playin' with her kid she'll get all mommy moist for your ass. The next thing you know youll be the new daddy. Single Moms always give it up to dudes that are nice to there kids.
by Chuck G January 29, 2008

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What comes out of a girls ass after you cum in it.
"After I fucked my girlfriends ass she ran to the bathroom and squirted out an albino poop"
by Chuck G December 06, 2007

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When you are receiving a blow job in which you are in a reverse position(facing opposite of your partner)that makes your ass rub across ones nose as they are performing the act.
I gave my girlfriend a brown nose while we
were doing a Minnesota Twister.
by Chuck G January 09, 2008

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Similar to butt rice but found on a girls vagina. Clam rice is little pieces of toilet paper remnant are stuck to a vagina. Far more clam rice usually found the hairier the vagina is.
I went down on a chick last night. It was great until some clam rice got stuck on my tongue.
by Chuck G January 09, 2011

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