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Originated 1947, In Hollister, California,By the AMA (American Motorcycle Association)Describing the Motorcycle Culture & Lifestyle, to the media/press, basically saying that out of 99% of all motorcycles riders, only 1% are Bad,Thus the Outlaw Bikers Gangs were labeled as the 1%ers, Originally the oldest & most notorious being the
The 1%ers are a some mean motherfuckers.

The 1%ers have the best drugs.

The 1%ers get all the fine chicks.

The 1%ers know how to party!
by cHARLES BLACk December 26, 2003
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A one percenter or 1%er is an individual that lies in top 1% of the American Tax bracket. These are the top earners in American society. It has been noted that the richest 1% of the American population owns as much as the combined wealth of the bottom 90%. Typical 1%er's include top-level executives, high-rung politicians, professional athletes, celebrities and wealthy heirs. Ivy League educations are common amongst these individuals.
Famous 1%er's include Bill Gates, George Bush, Tiger Woods, Stephen Spielberg and Paris Hilton.

"I went to law school so I could be a 1%er, but I hate my job."
by teamgosu October 22, 2009
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A women that when she has an orgasm and Sprays, no it does not drip out of her it shoots out spraying everything including walls.
yes that's correct men these women are real, not only done in porno.
" My wife is the best, she is a 1 %er"
" dude, I hooked up with a 1% er last night"
by noturgirlnextdoor February 09, 2010
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